Michael He

Jiachun (Michael) He



Michael He (Podiatrist (足科医生) & Registered Nurse.

Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine
Bachelor of Nursing
Certificate in Skin Cancer Medication & Skin Cancer Surgery
Certificate in Wound Closure & Suturing
Certificate In Dry needling (Acupuncture)
Certificate in Clinical procedures
Endorsement in Scheduled Podiatric Medicines

Michael He is a podiatrist and registered nurse with many years experience. Michael has extensive working experience in diabetes education, wound management and emergency medicine. Michael continuously engages in professional learning to provide you with the best care as you can see from his qualifications. His strength and passion is in performing surgeries below the ankle such as with ingrown toenails, wart and fungal nail treatments. Michael’s work in podiatry also covers general foot care, dry needling, biomechanical assessment and orthotic prescriptions.

Michael He, 贺家醇是注册护士也是足科医生,他在BLACKTOWN 地区已有十年以上工作历史.他已获取皮肤医药和手术证书,他擅长于各类足部皮肤和指甲类手术。 他同时在糖尿病教育和各类伤口护理上有非常丰富的工作经验。 在足科方面,他的工作范围还包括足部护理,指甲修剪,针灸,生物力学和纠正鞋垫制作,以及病毒疣和灰指甲的治疗.

Podiatry services in Myhealth South Eveleigh (EPC Bulk Bill NO Gap)
• Dermatological conditions. Including corn, collosity, plantar wart (topical treatment and wart curettage procedures).
• Foot skin lesion, cyst and superficial foreign body surgical removal.
• Nail conditions. Including ingrown toenail surgical and nonsurgical teatment, fungal nail treatment and general nail care.
• Diabetic foot health assessment and management .
• Paediatric foot conditions. Including In-toeing, flat feet.
• Foot and heel pain. Massage therapy and dry needling (acupuncture).
• Orthotic/insoles prescription.