Perry Ho

Perry Ho



Perry graduated as a physiotherapist at University of Otago in New Zealand back in 2010, and he had moved to Australian soon after that. Since then, Perry had learnt and experienced from different unique private clinics across Queensland and Tasmania, to further sharpen his skills not only in general physiotherapy, but also developed a strong interest and expertise in Jaw dysfunction, Men’s Health, Vestibular dysfunction, and Occupational Health. He has settled in the Southeast Queensland since 2017.

He has vast experience working with Orthopaedic surgeons, Dentists, Australia Sport Institution, Local Rugby League Clubs, Local Soccer Clubs, Australia Pharmaceutical Industries, Statewide Independent Wholesalers, Blue Cares, Opal Health and Local High Schools Rugby League. Providing hands on manual therapy, specific individual tailored exercises rehabilitation, manual handling training, ergonomic assessment, job/risk assessment, return to work plan, aged care and sport rehabilitation.

Before starting Enhanced Physio with Dr David Chen, Perry had also been a clinical mentor and a director at Back In Motion. He is also a presenter for Australia Dental Association.

Being in the industry over the last decade, Perry has noticed that most people are often trapped inside the getting better and getting worst unending cycle. He understands that they are not able to be the best they are ever be with their health, therefore having great difficulty to power them through their important life objectives. Perry knows that it is not the way, and he can help other to overcome this cycle by using a systematic and tailored treatment plan.