Nurse Tiffany

Nurse Linzhi Ti (Tiffany)

Resident Nurse


Linzhi Ti (Tiffany) is our full-time practice nurse (Division 1-Registered nurse) and has been working at Myhealth-The Glen since April 2018. She worked as a clinical nurse in China for nearly 2 years before moving in Australia, and obtained her Bachelor degree in Nursing in Melbourne. She has clinical experiences in general, acute and surgical wards as well as operating theater.

Skills: vaccinations (especially for childhood and travel immunizations), wound management, chronic condition management and preventions, health assessment and nursing care plans, ear assessment and syringing, cardiac monitoring.

Language spoken: Mandarin and English

*Tiffany provides translation in Chinese immunization records and uploads to Australian Immunization Register

提琳芝 (注册护士)
提琳芝护士在墨尔本获得护理本科学位后,于2018 年4月加入Myhealth-The Glen成为全科家庭诊所护士。她具有普通病房、急症外科病房以及手术室的临床护理经验。