Dr Andrew Rumanang



Additional Language : Basic Indonesian
Special Interest: General practice, Men’s Health, Paediatrics, Preventative Medicine

Dr Andrew Rumanang graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the University of Melbourne in 2014. After completing his internship with Eastern Health, he worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for 2 years before deciding to pursue a career in general practice. He trained in a variety of different areas including emergency medicine, general surgery, dermatology, aged care and neurological rehabilitation medicine.

It was during this time that he developed his passion for holistic care, aged care, men’s health and paediatrics. Currently he holds a Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) and continues to be passionate and involved in medical education to help mentor the next generation of medical doctors. In addition to teaching, he also enjoys learning new things from a wide variety of different fields of study; he even holds a certificate in astrophysics issued by the Australian National University.

He was born and raised in the sunny state of California in the USA, but has now made Melbourne his home and has lived here for 7 years. In his free time outside of medicine he enjoys exploring new countries & cultures, reading, improving his artwork skills and enjoying good food & coffee.

Dr Andrew Rumanang畢業於墨爾本大學醫學院 (University of Melbourne),曾在東區各醫院(Eastern Health)和墨爾本皇家醫院(Royal Melbourne Hospital)擔任駐院醫生。其後他決定成為家庭醫生,並接受不同範疇的訓練,包括急診醫學、普通外科、皮膚學、老年護理 、神經康復醫學。

在這段時期,他發現對全人醫療、老年護理 、男科疾病 、及兒科有更大興趣及深造。他現在是澳洲註冊全科家庭醫生,同時亦參與醫學教育工作,培育下一代醫科學生。除了教育工作外,他對不同學術範疇具有濃厚興趣 – 他亦取得澳洲國立大學(Australian National University )天體物理學的證書。

Dr Andrew Rumanang在美國加州出生和長大,七年前他來到墨爾本定居。他業餘時間喜歡探索不同的國家及其文化。他特別喜歡閱讀, 美術, 美食和咖啡。


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