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Monday8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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At Myhealth Airport West, our priority is to provide the best medical care to all patients. We are a mixed billing clinic so each individual doctor chooses a billing style. That means both private billing and bulk billing is available.

In general, Pensioners, Health care card holders and children under 16 are bulk billed.

Care plans, health assessments and immunisations are also bulk billed.

When privately billed, the out of pocket cost for standard and long consultations is $30.

On weekends all patients are private billed except for Dr Nayak.

For more specific details about individual doctors special interests and billing style – please review the doctors profile on the website.


1. Due to rising costs and limited rebates, we are facing many challenges and the clinic will now be charging ALL PATIENTS a GAP FEE of $30.

2. OSHC/OVHC Card Holders: Pay full amount (including $30 gap) and claim rebate back from insurer.

3. Please note: ALL medicare card holders are eligible to receive an instant medicare rebate on the day of their appointment if they bring a debit/savings card which is linked to a Medicare Number to their appointment. ALL OSHC/OVHC members will be required to pay the full fee and claim back through their membership provider.




    • Children's Health

      • Childhood Vaccinations
      • Health Assessments

    • Corporate/Occupational Health

      • Drug and Alcohol Tests
      • Workcover and Injuries

    • General Health

      • Asthma
      • Chronic Disease Management
      • Diabetes
      • Geriatric Medicine
      • Heart Health
      • Mental Health
      • Pathology
      • Preventative Health
      • Sexual Health
      • Spirometry

    • Immunisations

      • Covid Vaccination
      • Travel Vaccinations

    • Musculoskeletal

      • Osteoporosis
      • Sports Medicine

    • Skin

      • Minor Surgical Procedures
      • Skin Cancer Checks

    • Women's Health

      • Antenatal Care
      • Implanon
      • Mirena


FLU VACCINES Now Available


Dr Amjad-300

Dr Mohammed Amjad Hussain

MBBS, FRACGP, Diploma Fam. Med (Monash)
Dr Abu Hasan Md Abdullah-300

Dr Hasan Abdullah

Dr Adikari Shiromani

Dr Shiromani Adikari

MBBS, FRACGP, Diploma of Childrens Health
Dr Amrooha Hussain

Dr Amrooha Hussain

Dr Nayak-300

Dr Deepak Nayak

Bulk Billing Doctor

Dr Noel Ramdwar


Dr Chai-Ling Ooi

Dr Lilia-300

Dr Lilia Ilina

(白黎医生), MBBS, FRACGP
Mariam Hussain-300

Dr Mariam Hussain

MBBS, Dip Psych

Allied Health & Specialists


Nga Le


Suzie Zhao

Diabetes Educator
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Myhealth_Dietitian Thumbnail_500x500


Myhealth_Psychology Thumbnail_500x500


Myhealth_Physiotherapy Thumbnail_500x500



More Info

Tullamarine GP Offering Flexible Care in Accessible Locations

Myhealth was founded as an answer to all the frustrated Australians who have horror stories with the medical system. We began and have continued as a system of clinics that promotes convenience and fairness for everyone involved, be it the patients or the practitioners. You might have your own story of disappointment with medical care. Perhaps you’ve waited for over a year simply to receive therapy. Perhaps you’ve been dismissed by your physician for pain or discomfort or a concern about something unusual occurring in your body. You might have been discriminated against in the past. It might just be that you want to consult a dietitian have none nearby. Whatever your dissatisfaction with the system is, Myhealth aims to correct it with our service. Read More

Our locations are spread all across NSW, QLD & VIC; our clinics can often be found in shopping centres and other locations that are central and easy to reach for as much of the local community as possible. After all, your options for good healthcare shouldn’t be bound to a particular postcode. You shouldn’t have a total lack of options for specialist treatment, especially not when specialist treatment might be urgent or essential to your quality of life. The Tullamarine doctors at the Melbourne airport health clinic can cover treatment on everything from antenatal care to diabetes to children’s health and sports medicine. You can expect top-quality care from certified experts regardless of the specific care you need. 

Our Melbourne Airport Medical Centre is Run by Satisfied, Well-Treated Doctors

The working conditions of the doctors treating you make a huge difference in the care you receive. Your experience will be very different if you’re seen by a doctor who is exhausted, overworked, and underpaid. You will see very different results if the physician you meet with has tried to change their working conditions but was denied by higher-ups who don’t understand their concerns. It’s not merely frustrating or disappointing for patients; doctor exhaustion or disillusionment can be legitimately risky for patients since it affects their work. Your diagnosis might be incomplete if a doctor is too tired to notice everything of note. Because of the long hours and austere policies out of doctors’ control, this is something that happens almost everywhere. 

With Myhealth, that risk is non-existent. We were founded by a doctor who saw the benefits of having doctors make the highest-level decisions for a medical network. All policies and protocols are being decided by a medical professional who understands the nature of the work and what patients and practitioners need to thrive. The doctors treating you in Myhealth clinics are working largely at their own pace and under conditions they chose, which massively improves their morale. Why should you risk your health when there is a much safer option available to you? 

Enquiries and Registration for Our Medical Practice at Melbourne Airport

You can book an appointment with one of our many services after filling in the new patient registration form. The link to that is to the left. You’ll also see our contact details there, which you can use to reach us for enquiries as well. We’re happy to help. We have appointments available accross Melbourne including our Glen Waverly Clinic and Westall Clinic.
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