*As of the 1st of January 2021 Dr Jennifer Fleming, Dr Daman Pasricha and Dr Ben Buxton will have private fees in place, with a Medicare rebate available. Bulk Billing is available for patients 15 and under or if you hold a pension or health care card with these doctors. The rest of our GP’s are still Bulk Billing all medicare card holders. Please call us if you have any enquiries regarding this prior to booking.

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Mon to Fri                              8:00am to 5:00pm

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You can make an appointment by calling us on 07 5525 7455 or simply go online at
For Child Immunisations or appointments that may require the nurse we ask for you to call and book these appointments to ensure the nurse is free at the time of your appointment.
We request in the event that you need to change or cancel your appointment that you give us 24 hours notice in advance.

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Our Doctors

Dr Ian Agahari


Dr Vanessa Malouf

BMedSc, MD

Dr Leiana O’Brien

MBBS, BBiomedSc

Dr Ben Buxton


Dr Yogesh Raje


Dr Jennifer Fleming


Dr Mohan Purshothaman


Dr Joseph Varga

Specialist Physician, MBBS, MD,  MRCP (UK), FRACP

Myhealth Palm Beach opened its doors in January 2018, taking over the site of Palm Beach Surgery. It still offers the comprehensive and compassionate care for which it has been known over the years and we extend a warm welcome to Dr Mohan Purshothaman and his colleagues to the Myhealth family.
Our mission is to deliver professional healthcare, advice and support services within a caring and comfortable environment. We bring together a dedicated team of General Practitioners and Allied health professionals to provide an extensive range of services to all of our patients including a dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and a podiatrist. We also have an endocrinologist, midwife and general physician working along side us.
Myhealth Palm Beach is dedicated to preventative medicine which plays a large part of our health objectives, as detecting any health problems at an early stage is beneficial to your long term health.
We are passionate in nurturing the GP’s of tomorrow, as a teaching practice we are engaged with medical students and GP registrar mentoring.
Our practice provides a range of comprehensive health services including:
• Antenatal care
• Baby clinic and Vaccination service
• Management of chronic health conditions Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, etc
• Men’s and Women’s health
• Medical, employment and insurance medicals
• We have a well-appointed treatment room for minor surgical procedures
• 24 hour blood pressure monitoring
• Spirometry (Lung Function test)
• Skin Checks (Thursdays only)
• Travel advice

Please note that the following services incur private fees, please call reception for more information:
• Ear Suctioning
• Wave Chair
• Private Drivers Medical
• CTP Insurance form
• Implanon Procedures

WAVE CHAIR (Pelvic Floor Rehab)

Myhealth Palm Beach also wishes to advise you of the introduction of a new, revolutionary, non-invasive treatment for Incontinence (otherwise known as involuntary bladder leakage), early stage Prolapse and Erectile Dysfunction – including accelerated recovery Post Radical Prostatectomy.
This is one of the most significant advances in pelvic floor health in the last three decades and “the chair” is now in clinical use in over 50 countries around the world. Please visit, as someone in your family may be needlessly suffering in silence.
A patient will need to attend our clinic twice a week for 8 weeks as the total therapy generally involves 16 – 20 sessions. Physiology plays a part in determining the number of treatments. Up until recently, drugs or surgery were the main options, both of which can have side affects. This new treatment simply involves sitting in a therapeutic chair for 20 minutes, twice a week.
We encourage anyone experiencing bladder leakage, bowel problems; erectile dysfunction or trauma following radical prostatectomy; mild Prolapse; or juvenile bed wetting to contact our friendly staff for assessment.
“It’s very simple. You sit fully clothed in a therapeutic chair for 20 minutes and it does your pelvic floor exercises 20 times better than you can do them yourself.
It takes around sixteen sessions to re-build the muscle tone. It’s just like going to the gym, it’s not painful but you need to go twice a week to get the best results.
One of our doctors will need to assess whether this therapy is appropriate for you. Would you like to make an appointment with a doctor?”

For those with access to the internet, further information can be found on the Wave Brilliance website: