NSW Health Jobs

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Award-winning registrar training program

Myhealth’s registrar training program provides best-in-class training and support for registrars, with our trainers and trainees having won multiple awards, including Supervisor of the Year and Registrar of the Year.

Exceptional professional development opportunities

Get exposure to and support for building sub-specialty interests. Myhealth is an accredited CPD partner of the RACGP, which ensures our GPs and Registrars have access to training of the highest quality, relevance and accessibility.

Unparalleled opportunities to grow your career

All our Registrars have gone on to successful careers as GPs, with many becoming practice owners, running their own Myhealth medical centres.

Best in class infrastructure & support

Great, convenient locations with high patient volumes, dedicated nursing support in all practices, multi-disciplinary teams (including allied health) in most practices, excellent facilities, and a dedicated Support Centre team (operations, finance, IT, HR, marketing) mean you get to focus on providing the best patient care.

Be part of an inclusive,
supportive community

Learn from, and be part of a supportive GP community, with 800 other GPs and other healthcare professionals across a range of specialisations and clinical disciplines.

Make progress in your career with a Medical Registrar Job

At Myhealth, our vision is to provide the best patient care by maximising the potential of GPs. Doctor founded, doctor led and doctor run. Read More

Looking For Health Jobs In NSW?

New South Wales stands out for its remarkable national parks and coastal cities, with Sydney serving as its capital. Whether you have an appetite for rugged bush walks, rainforests, cascading waterfalls, marine wonders, or vast outback deserts, this state has it all. The multicultural aspects of NSW exude warmth and hospitality, offering ideal weather conditions throughout the year.

If you are currently seeking NSW health job vacancies and aspire to work within a non-corporate primary care network, look no further than MyHealth. As a doctor-owned and doctor-run medical business, we have rapidly emerged as the fastest growing medical centre group since our inception in 2007. While being a widely recognised brand, we adhere to our core principles. It's important to note that each of our medical centres is independently operated and managed by local doctors who are involved in their communities and serve their local patients.

We are dedicated to creating modern and welcoming medical practices where everyone feels valued and respected. Our focus is on providing non-discriminatory healthcare for all individuals in an inclusive environment. With over 100 medical centres strategically established in convenient locations, accessibility is never a concern for our patients or staff. As Australia's largest shopping-centre based medical group, we take pride in offering accessible healthcare services to the community.

NSW Health Job Opportunities Are Waiting For You

MyHealth medical centres are renowned for their exceptional facilities, services, and cutting-edge technology, all strategically located in various Australian locations. Some of our primary emphasis is on proactive health management and prevention, and we actively invest in the advancement of healthcare through research and development. We wholeheartedly support our professional medical staff in their pursuit of excellence in the field of medicine and healthcare, providing them with ample opportunities for professional growth and continuous education.

In addition to our esteemed GPs and nurses, MyHealth medical clinics offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services that include allied health specialists. This extensive range of specialties makes finding a health job in NSW more accessible than ever before. We prioritise providing our staff with the flexibility to develop their careers within their respective domains, all while receiving unwavering support from a compassionate, inclusive and dedicated team.

Achieve Your Full Potential With A NSW Health Job

At Myhealth we believe the foundation of a successful medical practice extends beyond the expertise of a single person. The collective effort and contribution of the entire team play a vital role in ensuring the seamless function of a successful clinic. Establishing an optimal working environment characterised by friendliness and support is essential to the overall operation of any practice. It is through treating both staff and patients with respect and empathy that we create an environment conducive to growth and positive outcomes.

Explore our NSW health job vacancies and experience firsthand why the MyHealth medical group has achieved remarkable success. Discover your ideal job opportunity with us and become a part of our thriving team. Read Less