GP Registrar Jobs

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Award-winning registrar training program

Myhealth’s registrar training program provides best-in-class training and support for registrars, with our trainers and trainees having won multiple awards, including Supervisor of the Year and Registrar of the Year.

Exceptional professional development opportunities

Get exposure to and support for building sub-specialty interests. Myhealth is an accredited CPD partner of the RACGP, which ensures our GPs and Registrars have access to training of the highest quality, relevance and accessibility.

Unparalleled opportunities to grow your career

All our Registrars have gone on to successful careers as GPs, with many becoming practice owners, running their own Myhealth medical centres.

Best in class infrastructure & support

Great, convenient locations with high patient volumes, dedicated nursing support in all practices, multi-disciplinary teams (including allied health) in most practices, excellent facilities, and a dedicated Support Centre team (operations, finance, IT, HR, marketing) mean you get to focus on providing the best patient care.

Be part of an inclusive,
supportive community

Learn from, and be part of a supportive GP community, with 800 other GPs and other healthcare professionals across a range of specialisations and clinical disciplines.

Make progress in your career with a Medical Registrar Job

At Myhealth, our vision is to provide the best patient care by maximising the potential of GPs. Doctor founded, doctor led and doctor run. Read More

At Myhealth, our vision is to provide the best patient care by maximising the potential of GPs. Doctor founded, doctor led and doctor run, every Myhealth practice is locally run by a Principal Doctor/Local Partner, who provides on-the-ground support, while backed by the Myhealth brand, infrastructure and support.

Make progress in your career with a Medical Registrar Job

The success of a medical practice depends on a multidisciplinary team functioning as a unit and while specialist doctors may be the figureheads, everyone has a job to do. As part of Myhealth’s operation as the fastest-growing group of medical centres in the country, we are committed to helping our people to progress.

Our GP registrar training program has a great reputation throughout the Australian medical community, and it comes with the prospect of working in one of our medical centres in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland. We offer teaching and supervision for medical students and registrars, which is vital to the healthcare system, where new and upcoming GP’s are always needed.

Our trainers and trainees have repeatedly won multiple awards, including Supervisor of the Year and Registrar of the Year, and many of our registrars have gone on to successful careers as GPs and even GP owners, running their own medical centres. If you’re looking for a medical registrar job, contact us today to discuss opportunities available within the Myhealth network.

What Makes Myhealth outstanding for someone looking for a Medical Registrar role?

Our training programs are second to none and the progressive nature of the company plays a significant part in this. The first Myhealth medical centre was opened in 2007, the brainchild of a group of General Practitioners. The company is still led by GPs and the medical centres are run by GP owners, so there is a vast fund of knowledge and expertise available to anyone getting a Medical Registrar job with us.

Which Myhealth locations currently have Medical Registrar Jobs available?

Each of our medical centres is unique, yet all have certain things in common. The factors we see as fundamental to a modern practice are threefold - and let’s begin with location. It’s to everyone’s benefit if a practice is conveniently located, with good transport links, easy access and foot traffic. From the patient coming in as an occasional visitor to the staff member making their way in every day, ease of access makes life a whole lot better.

Then there’s the quality of the premises, which have to be big enough, comfortable and well-equipped with the latest technology to help a multidisciplinary team fulfil the needs of the patients.

Thirdly, there are the staff members themselves. If you’re carrying out a medical registrar job with us,

you will be part of a well-qualified team from administration and support staff to nurses and doctors.

Depending on the exact makeup of the clinic, you could be working with nurses, pathology collectors, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, podiatrists, dentists, and radiologists. That’s a broad range of specialities, and exposure to them can only be good for the development of someone in a medical registrar role.

Medical Administration Jobs

Embarking on a professional journey within a MyHealth is a career choice that brings immense rewards and personal fulfillment. If you aspire to expand your skill set and ascend the ranks of the medical profession, securing a medical administration job at one of our conveniently located centres will undoubtedly accelerate your career growth and passion. Collaborating closely with a team of committed and extensively trained medical staff ensures unparalleled access to knowledge and unwavering support. Our modern facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, while our unwavering commitment lies in cultivating a warm, inclusive, and welcoming work environment that empowers all our staff members to uncover their full potential.

How can I get more details about Medical Registrar Jobs?

Visit our opportunities page for more details about the company and opportunities with us. We have a number of clinics, so whether you want to work close to home or enjoy a change working somewhere different, we should have a location to suit you. We also have a jobs for nurses available Australia-wide. Read Less