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Exceptional support for your professional development

Myhealth is an accredited CPD partner of the RACGP. Myhealth’s CPD program is designed and led by a committee of doctors to ensure our GPs have access to training of the highest quality, relevance and accessibility.

Unparalleled flexibility

Enjoy absolute autonomy and choice over your hours, clinical autonomy and independence, and contracts with no restraints or lock-ins.

Great earning capacity

Excellent locations with high patient volumes, with a high percentage of billings and the opportunities to buy into and own part of a practice.

Best in class infrastructure & support

Dedicated nursing support in all practices, multi-disciplinary teams (including allied health) in most practices, excellent facilities, and a dedicated Support Centre team (operations, finance, IT, HR, marketing).

Be part of an inclusive,
supportive community

Join a supportive GP community, with 800 other GPs and other healthcare professionals across a range of specialisations and clinical disciplines.

GP jobs in Sydney

It’s a long, hard road from aspiring doctor to qualified professional and once you have reached that long-desired status, a question has to be answered: how and where do you want to spend your career? Read More

Many people will have decided early on in which area they want to specialise, and in a lot of cases, the answer will be they want to find a doctor job in Sydney or, to be in the state but not the city, a GP job in New South Wales, and see how it goes.

However, that is a broad field because it’s a big city in a highly populated state and to ensure you get on the right track will involve a lot of assessment of individual opportunities – not quite due diligence, perhaps, but you want to be careful who you are throwing in your lot with.

How about this for a good idea: become part of one of the biggest medical centre operators in the country, one that provides services for three million patients a year in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. A company founded by GPs, led by GPs and still run by GPs, whose professionals on the ground have the benefit of a supportive management team with a vast pool of knowledge and experience. If you have been looking up GP jobs in NSW, joining us, Myhealth, could be exactly the right career move for you.

What makes Doctor Jobs in NSW with Myhealth different?

Myhealth has a vision of how primary healthcare should be in Australia in the 21st century. We are passionate about the future of healthcare, and we invest in it, with constant research and development in the technology and systems that are taking the field forward and making life better for healthcare professionals and their raison d’etre, the patients. Whether you are looking at doctor jobs in NSW or specifically GP jobs in Sydney, we offer our doctors support in developing their special interests, with the result of adding to our all-round service to the public.

In addition, Myhealth medical centres all have GP owners, so there are opportunities for those whose ambition is to run their own practice, with the added benefit of the financial security that comes with being part of an experienced national operation. GP owners have access to our central support team, which includes I.T., Finance, Marketing, Recruitment and HR.

Many of our GP owners are from the area and therefore have important local knowledge. We encourage them to develop their practice in ways that they feel will best suit the community, but there are certain similarities. The features our units all have in common include convenient locations with good transport links, first-class premises with up-to-date equipment and, crucially, excellent staff. Depending on the make-up of the Myhealth Medical Centre where you get your GP job in NSW, your team may include nurses, pathology collectors, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, podiatrists, , and radiologists.

How Can I Get More Details about Doctor Jobs in NSW?

Visit our Opportunities page for more details about the company and opportunities with us. If you are specifically interested in Sydney or New South Wales, you can find all you need to know there. My Health also offers jobs Australia-wide, Check out our GP jobs in Birsbane and Doctors jobs in the Gold Coast. Read Less