Brisbane Registered Nurse Jobs

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Award-winning registrar training program

Myhealth’s registrar training program provides best-in-class training and support for registrars, with our trainers and trainees having won multiple awards, including Supervisor of the Year and Registrar of the Year.

Exceptional professional development opportunities

Get exposure to and support for building sub-specialty interests. Myhealth is an accredited CPD partner of the RACGP, which ensures our GPs and Registrars have access to training of the highest quality, relevance and accessibility.

Unparalleled opportunities to grow your career

All our Registrars have gone on to successful careers as GPs, with many becoming practice owners, running their own Myhealth medical centres.

Best in class infrastructure & support

Great, convenient locations with high patient volumes, dedicated nursing support in all practices, multi-disciplinary teams (including allied health) in most practices, excellent facilities, and a dedicated Support Centre team (operations, finance, IT, HR, marketing) mean you get to focus on providing the best patient care.

Be part of an inclusive,
supportive community

Learn from, and be part of a supportive GP community, with 800 other GPs and other healthcare professionals across a range of specialisations and clinical disciplines.

Make progress in your career with a Medical Registrar Job

At Myhealth, our vision is to provide the best patient care by maximising the potential of GPs. Doctor founded, doctor led and doctor run. Read More

Looking For A Nursing Job In Brisbane?

Are you seeking an exhilarating new job opportunity where you can utilise your existing nursing skills, expand your knowledge, and maintain a fulfilling life beyond work? If so, it is imperative that you explore our nursing jobs in Brisbane.

Myhealth is a well-established and highly reputable brand, all unified by the same fundamental principles. While operating under the single Myhealth umbrella, each individual centre is locally managed and overseen by dedicated GP partners who are intimately familiar with the specific needs of the community and their patients. Our Myhealth medical centres are strategically located for the convenience of both our patients and our staff, and we proudly hold the distinction of being the largest medical group situated within shopping centres across Australia.

By ensuring ease of accessibility, we not only facilitate staff but also extend assistance to patients who may otherwise face challenges in accessing the care they require. Our vision revolves around delivering top-notch medical and health services in modern and conveniently situated locations. In addition, we place great emphasis on fostering a friendly and all-inclusive environment that caters to the needs of everyone involved.

Brisbane Has So Much To Offer

With its sub-tropical climate and pleasant temperatures year-round, Brisbane, the sunny capital of Queensland, offers a vibrant mix of arts, culture, and culinary experiences. Its laid-back charm provides the perfect environment to unwind after a fulfilling day at the clinic.

If you long for an outdoor lifestyle and breathtaking natural beauty, look no further than the nearby "Gold Coast" and "Sunshine Coast." These picturesque regions boast expansive sandy beaches, majestic mountain ranges, and lush rainforests, ensuring endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Brisbane is renowned for its warm and welcoming locals, relaxed atmosphere, and safe streets, making it an ideal destination to pursue your nursing job in Brisbane. Embrace the opportunity to thrive both professionally and personally in this dynamic city.

Grow Your Nursing Career

Registered nurses are an invaluable asset to our medical practices, and at MyHealth, we prioritise your professional growth and development. Working in collaboration with a diverse and highly qualified multidisciplinary team, you will experience comprehensive support in every aspect of your work. Our practice provides opportunities to encounter a wide range of medical challenges, allowing you to work alongside pathologists, radiologists, and other specialists who are integral to our team.

If you are a registered nurse looking for a job in Brisbane we invite you to explore the rewarding opportunities available within at Myhealth. We understand the significance of fostering a positive and harmonious work environment, where every member of our team, from receptionists, to our dedicated doctors, can all deliver their best in caring for our patients. Read Less