Dr Penelope Willcoxson

MBBS Syd (PRIVATE BILLING) *Please call for appointment


Dr Penelope Willcoxson is a Primary Care Specialist.

Dr Willcoxson’s initial training was in surgery, including cardio-thoracic and neurosurgery, she also had a keen interest in Emergency medicine working as an emergency physician in the past.

Dr Willcoxson has worked in several London hospitals before working as a Community Paediatrician with Kings College Hospital.

Once settling again in Australia she found herself as a Paediatric Registrar at Westmead Hospital before pursuing various specialities including terminal care of people suffering AIDS, post serving in the Australian Army, Psychological Medicine and Shiatsu, where she also studied the principles of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and gained insight into the multiple alternative modalities of healing.

Dr Willcoxson’s extensive knowledge and experience qualifies her as a specialist diagnostician with the ability to most aptly choose the appropriate management of person’s condition ranging from medical, surgical and or naturopathic options.

Dr Willcoxson’s great joy is to work with a person who presents with significant problems and see them evolve to a happy, healthy life.

She loves music, ballet, opera, Rugby Union, travel and her family. She holds the record with the Bondi Icebergs Winter Swimming Club for the longest period since the Clubs’ inception in 1929 without missing a swim (since 2002).


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