Dr Joseph Lombardo

MBBS.(Hons), M.Ex.&Sp.Sc, M.Sp.Med, F.S.Dr.A. General Practitioner


Dr. Joseph Lombardo graduated from the University of NSW with Honours in 1978. He holds Masters in both Exercise and Sport Science (Syd) and Sports Medicine(NSW)

He is the founding executive of Sports Doctors Australia and Westfields Sports School where he ran a clinic from 2000 – 2010. Has extensive experience as a General Practitioner and Sport Doctor for the past 30 years.

Since 1985 he is involved in teaching Medical Students from University of N.SW. He is a conjoint Senior Lecturer in the school of medicine at the Western Sydney Univeristy.

Dr. Joseph Lombardo experience includes working with elite teams as a Chief Medical Officer :

1996 -2000 – Penrith Panthers NRL.
2000-2007 – Western Sydney Razorbacks – NBL.
2003 -2007 – Sydney Bulls – NBL.
2009-2011- Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs – NRL
2012 – Present – Greater Western Sydney Giants – AFL

Dr Joseph Lombardo’s interests include management and prevention of injuries such as shoulder pain, knee, ankle and foot injuries for elite high profile athletes and active patients.

He is experienced in workplace injuries, acute and chronic back pain, and injuries in Children and adolescents.

Has experience in High Altitude Medicine and Autologous blood and PRP injection techniques.

Dr. Joseph Lombardo has a publication in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine and conducted a conference presentation on Nitric Oxide at High Altitude at the Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport in Melbourne in 2003.

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