GP Jobs Gold Coast

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Exceptional support for your professional development

Myhealth is an accredited CPD partner of the RACGP. Myhealth’s CPD program is designed and led by a committee of doctors to ensure our GPs have access to training of the highest quality, relevance and accessibility.

Unparalleled flexibility

Enjoy absolute autonomy and choice over your hours, clinical autonomy and independence, and contracts with no restraints or lock-ins.

Great earning capacity

Excellent locations with high patient volumes, with a high percentage of billings and the opportunities to buy into and own part of a practice.

Best in class infrastructure & support

Dedicated nursing support in all practices, multi-disciplinary teams (including allied health) in most practices, excellent facilities, and a dedicated Support Centre team (operations, finance, IT, HR, marketing).

Be part of an inclusive,
supportive community

Join a supportive GP community, with 800 other GPs and other healthcare professionals across a range of specialisations and clinical disciplines.

More than a Private Doctor Job, time to make real progress

You can apply for a doctor job on the Gold Coast, and if successful, in many people’s opinion you will be living the dream. Read More

The Gold Coast may be known as a playground, a sort of paradise of sand, sun and surf, but like all earthly paradises, there is real life going on here, and unfortunately, where there is life there are medical issues. And where there are medical issues there are medical practices. That’s why you can combine living in a fabulous place with a GP job on the Gold Coast.

Myhealth has a variety of medical centres in Queensland as well as Victoria and New South Wales, so you can apply for a doctor job on the Gold Coast, and if successful , in many people’s opinion you will be living the dream.

Will the Medical Centre match up to the natural surroundings?

You’re a professional, so you know a satisfying GP job on the Gold Coast must involve more than a sunny climate and good downtime. Working conditions are vitally important and if you get a doctor’s job on the Gold Coast with Myhealth, you will enjoy a modern and conveniently located practice.

We are one of the biggest groups of medical centres in the country and we have very high professional standards. Our medical centres are conveniently located, because that is important for staff and patients alike.

Our centres are sited where access is good by road and other means. They are also well equipped, because state-of-the-art technology makes life better for all concerned.

The third requirement for a top medical centre is great support staff, and we are very particular about this.

Depending on the specific makeup of the clinic, you could be working with nurses, pathology collectors, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, podiatrists, , and radiologists.

Our company was founded by GPs and is still led by GPs, so there is a huge pool of knowledge and support to be enjoyed. Our medical centres are owned by GPs too, and if it is your ambition to run your own practice one day, even if you’re not at that stage yet, there is always that possibility in the future.

We don’t have a strict model for our medical centres, apart from the three elements we spoke about above. Our GP owners are encouraged to shape their outfit the best way for that location and that community, so each practice has its own identity.

How Can I Get More Details about GP Jobs on the Gold Coast?

Visit our opportunities page for more details about the company and opportunities with us. If you are specifically interested in the Gold Coast just let us know when selecting practices you are interested in.

Many of our doctors and other staff are local and want to stay local while we do have opportunities elsewhere too. My Health also offers jobs Australia-wide, Check out our GP jobs in Melbourne and Doctors jobs in Sydney. Read Less