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Why a GP Surgery Nurse Job with us might be right for you

Nursing staff are a key component of a fantastic medical practice, and that is why we at Myhealth are so keen to recruit the best nursing talent we can. We have GP practice nurse jobs to fill and we want the best, so if you are looking for a doctor’s office nurse job, please get in touch today. Read More

If you’re interested in applying for a medical clinic nurse job with Myhealth, we will be finding out all about you, so here’s a bit of background about us. The first Myhealth Medical Centre opened in 2007 and we are the fastest-growing medical centre group in Australia. We were founded by a group of General Practitioners with a vision to bring Australian primary healthcare into the 21st century, improving the lives of both patients and medical staff. Central to our operation is the recruitment of excellent nurses who enjoy the responsibility a GP nurse job brings with it.

Each of our medical centres is individual, but they all have certain things in common, and here are two: we like them to be in convenient locations, which is good for both patients and staff, and we pay great attention to the equipment, with the latest technology available to make everyone’s life easier.

The clinics are run by GPs and there is a supportive management team offering a huge fund of collective knowledge, so if you step in to a medical clinic nurse job with us, you will never be short of support and advice.

What does a GP Nurse Job with Myhealth involve?

Because each practice is different, a medical clinic nurse job with Myhealth may involve working with pathology collectors, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, podiatrists, , and radiologists,, so there will be a broad range of knowledge to absorb and gain from working with us..

We actively invest in the future of healthcare, carrying out research into health technology and systems, which means nurses are carried along on a steady tide of progress, leading to a more rounded cache of knowledge and a brighter future.

How is a GP Surgery Nurse Job important to patients?

For most nurses, your priority is to help people, and with a doctor’s office nurse job, you are a member of a relatively small team in which you play a significant part. When the roles are reversed and you are the patient, you know how much of an impression a good nurse can make. It can be the most important factor in the whole of a patient’s GP practice experience, and it’s important to us as your employers.

How can I get more details about GP nurse jobs?

Visit our main recruitment page for more details about the company and opportunities with us. We have a number of clinics, so whether you want to work close to home or enjoy a change working somewhere different, we should have a location to suit you. We also have a medical registrar jobs available Australia-wide.
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