Noelene Steinmann RN

Noelene – Clinical Nurse Co-ordinator

Resident Nurse


Noelene commenced her nursing career in 1979 and has practiced in a diverse range of health settings over the past 39 years, which have included Medical & Surgical Nursing, Midwifery, Management in Aged Care and Training & Assessment.

Noelene currently holds the position of Clinical Nurse Co-ordinator across our three practices and her passion lies in training graduates to become confident and competent nurses in the ever-changing GP clinical environment. Supporting nurses to remain up-to-date with their clinical skills and encouraging nurses to continually develop both personally and professionally, is a fulfilling and rewarding aspect of her role, along with patient education, health coaching, and positive patient outcomes. Noelene has a special interest in wound management and prevention and management of chronic disease processes.

Noelene was awarded Gold Coast Nursing Award 2017 sponsored by 1029 Hot Tomato.