COVID 19 Vaccine Information

*UPDATE* – Please read the latest information from the Australian Government regarding Weighing up the potential benefits against risk of harm.

Patients, please be advised that Myhealth Newington will join the Phase 1b COVID-19 Vaccine roll out from Thursday 15/4/2021. If you are uncertain what phase you are in, this can be checked online on or alternatively you can make an appointment to discuss your phase / priority group with your GP. We will be offering the Astrazeneca vaccination only, Pfizer vaccination is offered exclusively through hospital hubs (due to refrigeration and storage requirements) and is currently only available to Phase 1a.

We have only been allocated 50 doses per week. As per Health Minister Greg Hunt’s advice we will focus on the most vulnerable patients first, so for April we will book patients who are 70 years or older. Patients 50 and above (within Phase 1b) can book from May, as per Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s advice on 8/4/2021, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks in those age groups. At this stage, until further guidance is available from the department of health on the evolving situation we will not be booking new patients under 50 years as a precaution. If you are <50 and have already had your first dose, the current advice is you can continue to have your second dose at 12 weeks.
Please read all the information below before you call us to book your appointment, you can not book for the vaccine online. You will need to fill out the consent form and either drop it off at the practice at the latest 2 days prior or email to us at ‘’. The vaccination is dispensed as a multi-dose vial, so all doses must be accounted for and used on the same day to minimise wastage requiring all consent forms to be confirmed 1 day prior. If all your paper work is not in order by then, unfortunately we will need to contact and give the vaccine to the next person on the waiting list. The available immunisation days will be Thursday 1-3pm or Saturday 9am-3pm.

Please read Information on COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca carefully, if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please book with your GP for a consultation before booking in for your vaccine, reception will not be able to answer your questions or book you for the vaccine if you have questions or are unsure.

Please read Preparing for COVID-19 vaccination carefully, if you are unwell, waiting for test results for COVID-19, tested positive, in quarantine or are a close contact of someone with COVID-19 you must call and inform the practice immediately so we can reschedule. You must not have any any vaccination in the 14 days prior to your booking, this includes the Influenza vaccine.

Please read After your COVID-19 vaccination carefully, as you are aware this is a novel vaccine and side effects are expected. Please call NSW Health on 1300 066 055 to report any side effects. Alternatively you can report directly to the TGA on 1300 134 237 (8am-8pm, 7 days a week) or online via