Practitioner Information

The first Myhealth Medical Centre opened in 2007, founded by a group of dedicated General Practitioners. We continue to be a doctor-owned, doctor-led, and doctor-run business, focused on providing patients with access to the highest quality care, by supporting doctors to be at their best.


Myhealth is now one of the largest medical centre operators in Australia, in NSW, QLD & VIC servicing more than 3 million patients yearly.


*Our GP partner(s) and GPs collaborate with a supportive management team to harness collective professional knowledge to deliver better GP and patient satisfaction. We actively invest in the future of healthcare, performing research and development into health technology, systems and
supporting doctor training. At Myhealth, the benefits of growth and development are shared by doctors and patients.

Many medical specialists and allied health practitioners also work within Myhealth to provide comprehensive care to patients including nurses, pathology collectors, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, podiatrists, dentists, and radiologists.




  • We are not a 'corporate' model, we want you as the clinical expert to tell us how you want to run your practice clinically and we will help support you with everything else


  • With an even share model with MyHealth and our Local Partners (General Practitioner owners) we make the decisions together!


  • We will provide experienced practice managers, registered nurses, medical receptionists and all the support you need to run your practice and focus on delivering great quality care for your patients


  • Support and encouragement to develop sub-specialty interests


  • Central support team including I.T, Finance, Marketing, Recruitment and HR


  • Teaching and supervision opportunities for medical students and registrars.


  • Our GP registrar training program is highly regarded among registrars Australia wide. Through this program, we have been successful in achieving 'Supervisor of the Year' and 'Registrar of the Year' for multiple years. Our registrars have also progressed to become successful GPs, with many becoming Myhealth local partners, and running their own clinics.



  • We offer flexible contracts with no restraints of trade, lock in clauses or forced days/hours.


  • Ability to bill how you want, whether you join a bulk billing, mixed billing or private billing practice we allow flexibility in how you want to run your service


  • Flexibility with appointment and walk-in model


  • Choice of days and hours where possible




Myhealth offers GPs a unique opportunity to become a practice owner while having the financial security of partnering with an experienced national operator.


Each Myhealth location has local GP owners. These local GP owners provide on-the-ground leadership and are responsible for the day-to-day decision making. The majority of our local GP owners are "home grown" and often reside in the local area. They are therefore able to respond to business challenges with full local knowledge.



"Partnering with Myhealth puts you at ease because the model is tried and tested - results speak for itself."

- Dr Myffy Scadden-Mchugh