Dr Sivis Govender



I am a general practitioner with a strong focus on patient centred medicine, believing in empowering
patients as an aide to treatment. I have an interest in all fields of medicine and believe in a holistic
approach to management of patients. Coming from South Africa, where I trained and practiced for
more than 18 years, I was exposed to a very multicultural environment, similar to the diversity of
Australia. My work experience in hospitals in Ipswich and the Shetland Isles in the UK has further
broadened my skills and knowledge.
A key attribute of my general practice in South Africa was my strength to listen to patients and
provide the best level of care for them. It was wonderful to build relationships with my patients that
stood the test of the time and saw me become a part of their health care support system as their
families grew and needs changed. I believe your GP is the gate-keeper of your health and as such try
and fulfil this expectation for my patients. Indeed, one of my most humbling moments was when
my 5-year old patient insisted her Dad bring her back to my practice the day after a consult…to
thank me for making her feel better! For that, is what it is all about!

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