Doctors and registrars

At Myhealth, our mission is to provide the best working environment for all doctors. Over the years, this core philosophy has proven to be highly attractive to GPs across Australia, who have appreciated the value that Myhealth has to offer.

We offer quality facilities, services and technological innovation in prime shopping centre locations across Australia. We also appreciate that GPs deserve the respect, autonomy and flexibility to match the stage in their career and personal circumstances.

Myhealth has an attractive remuneration structure, providing support and opportunities to maximise wealth creation.

Our GP registrar training program is highly regarded among registrars Australia wide. We offer the best supervisors, trainers and training sessions not only to Myhealth registrars but we also welcome other registrars and training doctors. Through this program we have been successful in achieving ‘Registrar of the Year’ and ‘Supervisor of the Year’. Our registrars have also progressed to become successful GPs and some Myhealth partners.

As a doctor led and owned organisation, we understand what GPs want and need. If you are interested in being a part of Myhealth or would like further information, please complete the enquiry to the right.

We take your privacy very seriously. The data we collect is not sold, traded or made accessible in any way to any other company.