Dr Zhong Xiong Wang



Additional languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese
Special Interests: Family medicine, Endocrinology, Sports injury, Travel medicine, Acupuncture

Dr. Wang graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University in 1968 and completed a subsequent master’s degree at the same school in 1981. He subsequently undertook the position of Vice Head at the Guangdong Research Institute of Family Planning. In 1985, he was awarded fellowship by WHO to continue reproductive biological research at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice in the year 2000.

Dr. Wang has had almost 50 years of medical experience of which 25 years is in Australia. He emphasises on holistic care and has a patient-centred approach, managing a wide range of medical conditions.

He is also a certified Acupuncturist for chronic pain conditions (arthritis/musculoskeletal injuries/nerve pain/headaches) as a means of pain relief or an alternative to invasive surgery.  

His other interests include paediatrics (including vaccines), endocrinology (hyper/hypothyroidism), geriatrics and chronic diseases (diabetes/hypertension), men’s health (benign prostate hypertrophy), psychiatry, travel medicine, sports medicine, and gynaecology.




他的其他兴趣包括小儿科(含政府指定疫苗), 内分泌(甲亢/甲减), 老年和慢性疾病(糖尿病/高血压),男科疾病(良性前列腺肥大),精神科疾病,旅游医学,运动损伤,以及妇产科。

語言: 普通话、 广东话、上海话、英語
專長: 家庭医学, 内分泌, 运动损伤, 旅行疫苗, 针灸