Dr Peter Song



Special Interests: addiction medicine, palliative care, paediatric medicine, geriatric medicine mental health and community and public health.
Additional languages spoken : Mandarin

Dr. Peter Song (MBBS) graduated from Monash University in 2013 and is also currently completing a Masters of Public Health. Since graduating, he has worked within the Eastern Health system at multiple hospitals, as well as completing an internship in rural health. He has specialized in many aspects of medicine, including psychiatry, emergency medicine, paediatrics, geriatrics, palliative care, addiction medicine as well as general medicine and surgery. His experiences and skills in these areas have prepared him well for general practice and he thoroughly enjoys the variety of work it has to offer.

Dr. Peter is dedicated to helping his patients and ensuring that he encompasses all aspects of medicine and communication in his clinical care. He enjoys working with all patients, and has done training in Indigenous and cultural awareness and community health.